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License:             Creative Commons Attribution 2.0


Author              Robin E. C. Lee


Contact info       Lynn Megeney   

                         Robin Lee         


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Robin E.C. Lee and Lynn A. Megeney (2005), The yeast kinome displays scale free topology with functional hub clusters. BMC Bioinformatics 6, 271


Hubview Description:


            Hubview is a network visualization tool developed to study the interactions between kinases and their substrates in the yeast kinome (Lee and Megeney, 2005). The program can be used to generate 3D ball and stick representations of the cumulative kinome interactions (View type: Hub-View) or smaller user defined cascades (View Type: Cascade Crawler). Hubview utilizes the GLScene library ( ) and interaction data from the DIP database ( ).


Current Version: Hubview 1.1 (Download)